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Advantages of autotransformer

Leilang-Electric is located in Shanghai,China.We are specialized in manufacturing all kind of low voltage transformer,three phase transformer,single phase transformer, variac transformer,voltage stabilizer, ac stabilizer,power regulator, reactor, etc.
The transformation ratio of the autotransformer in the step-down starter is fixed, while that of the contact voltage regulator is variable. Compared with the common transformer with copper capacity, autotransformer has the advantages of simple structure, less material consumption and small volume. Especially in the situation where the transformer ratio is close to 1, it is particularly economical, so it is widely used in high-power transmission transformers with similar voltage, and in addition, it is widely used in step-down starters of asynchronous motors above 10 kW.            Advantage:           
  1. Less consumption materials and low cost. Because the amount of silicon steel sheet and copper wire used in the transformer is related to the rated induction potential and rated induction current of the winding, that is to say, the capacity of the winding is related to the capacity of the winding. The capacity of the autotransformer winding is reduced, the consumed materials are reduced, and the cost is also low.            
  2. Less loss and higher efficiency. Because the consumption of copper wire and silicon steel sheet is reduced, the copper loss and iron loss of autotransformer are less than those of double winding transformer at the same current density and magnetic flux density, so the benefit is higher.            
  3. It is convenient for transportation and installation, because it is lighter than the copper capacity double winding transformer, with small size and small floor area.           
  4. The limit manufacturing capacity of the transformer is improved. The limit manufacturing capacity of the transformer is generally limited by the transportation conditions. Under the same transportation conditions, the capacity of the autotransformer can be larger than that of the double winding transformer.
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