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Transformer wiring how many? How to do?
Transformer wiring group is the transformer primary winding and secondary winding combination of a form of representation;
For common transformer winding,there are two ways to connect  , that is, "delta wiring" and "star wiring"; in the transformer connection group, "D said that the delta wiring," Yn "said star with a neutral line wiring, Y represents the star, n represents the neutral line; "11" indicates that the line voltage Uab on the secondary side of the transformer lags behind the primary side line voltage UAB330 degrees (or ahead of 30 degrees).
Transformer connection group representation is: uppercase letters that primary (or primary) wiring, lowercase letters that secondary (or secondary) of the wiring. Y (or y) is the star connection, D (or d) is the delta connection. Digital clock representation, used to represent the phase relationship between the primary and secondary line voltage, a sideline voltage phasor as a minute hand, fixed refers to the clock at 12 o'clock position, the secondary side of the line voltage phasor as the hour hand.
"Yn, d11", where 11 means that when the primary side voltage phasor as the minute hand points to the 12 o'clock position of the clock, the phase voltage of the secondary side is at the 11 o'clock position of the clock. That is, the secondary side line voltage Uab lags the primary side line voltage UAB by 330 degrees (or ahead of 30 degrees).
The two windings of the transformer are combined to form four wiring groups: "Y, y", "D, y", "Y, d" and "D, d". My country only uses "Y, Y" and "Y, d". As there is also a Y connection with neutral and without neutral two, without the neutral without adding any symbol that with a neutral line in the letter Y followed by the letter n said. n said the neutral point leads. Yn0 wiring group, UAB and uab coincide, when the minute hand refers to the 12 . "12" in the new wiring group, to sign on "0"